Organizations focusing on street sex work.

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Name Website Rating
A Call to Men [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Abolish Slavery Coalition [rtr_strip_domain website=]
ACTION Network, San Diego Youth & Community Services [rtr_strip_domain website=]
ALERT (Arizona League to End Regional Trafficking) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Allies Against Slavery [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Amirah [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Association for the Recovery of Children [rtr_strip_domain website=]
B.E.S.T. (Building Empowerment by Stopping Trafficking [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Bangalore Independent escort [rtr_strip_domain website=] 5/5 (1)
Bayswan [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Be The Jam [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Beauty From Ashes [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (2)
Bethany House [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Better Men [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Better Place [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Breaking Out [rtr_strip_domain website=]
BreakingOut [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Care 18 [rtr_strip_domain website=]
CEASE (Denver) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
CEASE Network – Demand Reduction Efforts [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Chicago Dream Center [rtr_strip_domain website=!human-trafficking/cnmv]
Chicago Prostitution and Trafficking Intervention Court [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Children At Risk [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Christian Community Health Centers Footprints Program in Cook County [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
Clearwater/ Tampa Bay Area TaskForce Against Human Trafficking [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CASTLA) [rtr_strip_domain website=http://WWW.CASTLA.ORG]
Community Service Programs, Inc. [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Concerned Women for America [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Counter Quo [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Covenant House – Alaska [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Covenant House – California [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Covenant House – New Orleans [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Covenant House – Texas [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Covenant House – Toronto [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Covenant House – Washington DC [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Covenant House Atlanta [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Covenant House International Headquarters [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Demand Abolition [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Desiree Alliance [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Dreamcatcher Foundation [rtr_strip_domain website=]
East Bay Asian Youth Center [rtr_strip_domain website=]
ECPAT USA [rtr_strip_domain website=]
End It Alabama (Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force [rtr_strip_domain website=]
End Slavery TN [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Equality Now [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escape to Peace [rtr_strip_domain website=]
EscortState [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Eye Heart World [rtr_strip_domain website=]
FAIR Girls [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST or FAAST International) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Florida Abolitionist [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking [rtr_strip_domain website=] 5/5 (3)
Force Film Foundation (Half the Sky Movement) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Free International [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
Free the Slaves [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Freedom House [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Freedom Network [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Futures Without Violence [rtr_strip_domain website=]
GEMS – Girls Educational and Mentoring Services [rtr_strip_domain website=] 4/5 (1)
Global Centurion Foundation [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Half the Sky Movement (Force Film Foundation) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Heartland Alliance [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Heartland Human Care Services, Inc. [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Heat Watch [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Hidden Tears [rtr_strip_domain website=]
HIPS [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Hope for Justice USA [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Human Trafficking Foundation [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
Independent escort Bangalore [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Independent escorts in Bangalore [rtr_strip_domain website=]
International Institute of St. Louis [rtr_strip_domain website=]
International Rescue Committee [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Joyful Heart Foundation (No More) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Justice Resource Institute (My Life My Choice) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Live Your Dream [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Lives Worth Saving Human Trafficking [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
Made in a Free World [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Maggie McNeill [rtr_strip_domain website=] 5/5 (1)
Maggie’s Toronto [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Mary Magdalene Project [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Mary’s Pence Foundation [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Men Can Stop Rape [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Mile High Women’s Outreach Center [rtr_strip_domain website=] 5/5 (1)
MISSSEY: Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting & Serving Sexually Exploited Youth [rtr_strip_domain website=]
More to Life [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Mosaic Family Services [rtr_strip_domain website=]
My Life My Choice [rtr_strip_domain website=]
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children [rtr_strip_domain website=]
National Human Trafficking Resource Center [rtr_strip_domain website=]
National Runaway Switchboard [rtr_strip_domain website=]
National Ugly Mugs (NUM) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
New York Harm Reduction Educators [rtr_strip_domain website=]
No More [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Nomi Network [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Not For Sale – Netherlands [rtr_strip_domain website=]
On Eagles Wings Ministries [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Open Lens Media [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Orphan Secure [rtr_strip_domain website=]
OUR Rescue (Operation Underground Railroad) [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
P.A.T.H. (Partners Against Trafficking Humans) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Pace Society [rtr_strip_domain website=] 5/5 (2)
Pacific Gateway Center [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Passport 2 Freedom [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Persist Health Project [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Polaris [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1.25/5 (4)
Prostitution Research and Education [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Rapha House [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Redlight Traffic [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Rescue Forensics [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Rescue Freedom International [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Restore Corps [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Restore NYC [rtr_strip_domain website=]
ROSE Alliance [rtr_strip_domain website=] 5/5 (1)
Run For Freedom [rtr_strip_domain website=]
SAGE Project (shut down?) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Sanctuary for Families [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Saving Innocence [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Selah Freedom [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (2)
Sex Trafficking Survivors United (Survivors Connect) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Sex Workers Anonymous [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (4)
SHINE (International and Domestic) [rtr_strip_domain website=!belize-/cbjl]
Slavery No More [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Sold No More [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Stop It [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Stop Porn Culture [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Stop Sex Trafficking Miami [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Stop Trafficking Now (Huntsville-Madison County Human Trafficking Task Force) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Street Smart Defender [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Sudara [rtr_strip_domain website=]
SWAN Colorado (Social Wellness Advocacy Network) [rtr_strip_domain website=] 5/5 (1)
SWOPUSA – Sex Workers Outreach Project USA [rtr_strip_domain website=] 5/5 (1)
Tapestri, Inc. [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Temple Committee Against Human Trafficking: [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The Cupcake Girls – Las Vegas [rtr_strip_domain website=!lasvegas/c111d] 1.57/5 (7)
The Defender Foundation [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The Demp Project [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The Ignition Fund [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The Lifeboat Project [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The New Somaly Mam Foundation (Formerly Somaly Mam Foundation) [rtr_strip_domain website=] 2/5 (1)
The Price of Sex: Women Speak [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The Project of Primary Health Care [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The Well House [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Traffick 911 [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
Traffick Free [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Trafficking In America Taskforce (Now Network for Cultural Change) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Transforming Hope Ministries [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Truckers Against Trafficking [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Turn Off Red Light [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
Veronica’s Voice (Magdalene KC) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Walk Free Foundation [rtr_strip_domain website=]
West Virginia Fusion Center [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Wiki Sex Guide [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Worker Justice Center of New York [rtr_strip_domain website=]
World Sex Guide (WSG) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
YouthSpark (formerly Juvenile Justice Fund) [rtr_strip_domain website=]

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