Organizations that scrape advertising for sex workers.

These websites are scraping sex work ads and phone numbers, mostly from Backpage. They then reuse ads, pictures, and phone numbers without permission, to sell advertising directly on their website. They also make money from affiliate links and pop-ups that push visitors to membership sites.

They often show a full history of ads using the same phone number, and some also try to link ads to review pages, such as at TER. Most try to reconstruct the phone number when it has been made harder to search in the original ad. They get most of their web traffic from clients performing Google searches of phone numbers found on Backpage.

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Name Website Rating
Adult Escort Finder [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Backpage Sluts [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Bigcity [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Bitches of Backpage [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Body Rub List [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Body Rub Search [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Boyscort [rtr_strip_domain website=]
BP of Sex [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Companions Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Erotic Mugshots [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Ads XXX [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Browser [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Busts [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Fish [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Phone List [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Phone Lookup [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Phone Review [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Phone Search [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Picture [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Profile [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escorts in California [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escorts In College [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escorts in Michigan [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escorts in Texas [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escorts in the US [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escorts Park [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Evil Empire [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Gay Phone Search [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Hayden-Affaire [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Live Escort Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Live Rub Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Live TS Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Local Escort Pages [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Massage Troll [rtr_strip_domain website=]
My 2 Cents Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
NakedCity [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Provider Phone [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Provider Pics [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Pure VIP [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Rank Escorts [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Rescue Forensics [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Rosemary Roland [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Skips Web [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Spotlight [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The Executive Companion [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Ultra GFE [rtr_strip_domain website=]
User Reviews View [rtr_strip_domain website=]
VIP Victoria Rose [rtr_strip_domain website=]

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