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Address: Rhode Island, United States
Countries served: United States
Geographic scope: National

Phone: 352-536-1264
Twitter: @RunForFreedom

Type: Anti-trafficking
Status: Active
Faith-based: Yes
Adult focused (NSFW): No
Sex work positive: No
Female led: No
Sex worker led: No

People involved with Run For Freedom

Pasco Manzo

MaryAnn Manzo

And lots of churches and other trafficking organizations

Sex work focus for Run For Freedom

Street Escort

Sex worker demographics focus for Run For Freedom

Female Trafficked

Services offered by Run For Freedom

Run For Freedom is a national organization recognized by the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)3 fighting Human Trafficking by raising awareness, bringing prevention and assisting victims. Faith-based organization trying to promote the color ORANGE to sell stuff that they claim to use to support trafficking victims. Based out of Rhode Island but their phone number is a Florida number.

These people are all abut selling stuff and raising money. They had a safehouse in Florida that I went to for a few weeks and they helped me get my social security benefits back after I had lost them. But the minute I received the check they wanted me to start paying rent for living at their house. They also wanted to take my food stamps to buy food for the whole house. They made me sign a thing where I agreed to let them use my story to raise money.

They wouldn’t let me leave the house without someone being with me. I went to church with them and they wouldn’t even let me go to the bathroom by myself. I ended up leaving after the housemom got mad at me and another girl who was staying there and left us there by ourself. They had a groundkeeper that kept coming to the house and shining a flashlight in the windows all night. We were both really freaked out. They had taken our cell phones and locked the door to the room where the house phone was at. We both left the next day with a case worker.


The house was really nice. They left my daughter come down and took us to Disney World. They got me my birth certificate and helped me get my drivers learners permit. But none of them would teach me to drive.


They house was way out in the country and they made us pull weeds and stickers. There were alligators in the lake. The preacher guy that ran the house was really creepy and really bossy. They were always praying about me and they made me pray too. They wouldn’t let me make phone calls. They made me throw my phone in the lake.

User ratings

I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to go to these people. They are really weird.

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