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Address: United States
Countries served: United States
Geographic scope: National

Phone: 202 630-8492
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @RescueForensics

Type: Anti-trafficking
Status: Active
Faith-based: Yes
Adult focused (NSFW): No
Sex work positive: No
Female led: No
Sex worker led: No

About Rescue Forensics

We believe that data is the future of human trafficking investigations. Our company exists to use data as a tool to identify and dismantle human trafficking networks operating on the internet. Finding the exploited and stopping violence against the poor by equipping law enforcement with targeted data is what motivates us to get up in the morning.

People involved with Rescue Forensics

Law Enforcement at every level

Sex work focus for Rescue Forensics

Street Escort

Sex worker demographics focus for Rescue Forensics

Female Youth Trafficked

Services offered by Rescue Forensics

Advertising: Scraper

Escort Ads Archive
Rescue Forensics collects millions of records for anti-trafficking investigations and prosecution.
Phone Number Detection
Hidden phone numbers are unmasked so human traffickers can’t hide their victims online.
Reverse Image Search
Images can be cross referenced against other ads to detect hidden relationships.
Global Image Search
Images can be cross-referenced against the rest of the web to find profiles and social media accounts.
Evidence Locker
Evidence artifacts can be collected and introduced during criminal proceedings.
Search Tools
Search by phone number, text, or images, and filter by location, age, and date ranges.
Centralized Browsing
Intelligence from across the world can be searched in one central location.
Intuitive Interface
Our intuitive interface allows you to target the intelligence you need on all your devices.
Our database contains millions of records of classified advertisements representing up to two years of historical data. Stop waiting days or weeks to get a subpoena response from a hosting site that may only offer a few months of records. Find all the targeted intelligence you need right now.
If a victim is missing or reluctant to testify, a trafficking case may lose the critical evidence needed for prosecution. Build a strong case in the Rescue Forensics evidence locker and collect the evidence you need well in advance of criminal proceedings.
Trusted by law enforcement and intelligence analysts.
See why Rescue Forensics is the leading intelligence solution for agencies across the United States.

“We were able to track a minor across three cities and eventually make an arrest of the trafficker. Rescue Forensics allowed us to identify the location of a sixteen year old female victim and recover her from the trafficker. “

Detective, Texas Department of Public Safety

“Our task force has been using Rescue Forensics on a regular basis and have found it to be a very effective database. We have been able to locate ads through Rescue Forensics that had been taken down or no longer available through regular search options. “

Detective, Columbus Police Department

“We use Rescue Forensics every day. Our agency was able to track a victim who had been trafficked across the United States. She went missing when she changed her phone number, but Rescue Forensics allowed us to find her by connecting the images the trafficker is using. “

Investigator, Grand Forks Police Department

Find the victims, lock up the traffickers.

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