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Name Website Rating
AAMP Maps [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Adult Forum NZ [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Adult Work (AW) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Avenue-X [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Best GFE [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Big Doggie [rtr_strip_domain website=]
CAF Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Captain 69 [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Companions Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Daddys Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
ECCIE [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Erotic Monkey [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Erotic MP [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Erotic Post Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Ads [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Exam [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort Phone Review [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escort-Ireland (E-I) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Escorts Are For Women Too [rtr_strip_domain website=]
EscortState [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Female Companions [rtr_strip_domain website=]
GFE Forum [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Grain Belt News (GBN) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Independent Girls (IndiBoard) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Indys [rtr_strip_domain website=]
International Sex Guide [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Lyla [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Masseur Finder [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Men 4 Rent Now [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Monger Guide [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Montreal Escort Review Board (MERB) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
MP Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
My 2 Cents Reviews [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Naughty Reviews (NR) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Night Shift (NS) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Pacific Escort Review Board (PERB) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Punter Forum [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Punter Link [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Punter Net [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Punting 4 Fun [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Rate That Provider [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Rub Maps [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Sammy Boy Forum [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Sammy Boy Sex Forum [rtr_strip_domain website=]
SipSap [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Southern GFE [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Spa Hunters [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Strip Club List [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The Erotic Review (TER) [rtr_strip_domain website=] 1/5 (1)
The Hobby Hunter [rtr_strip_domain website=]
The Other Board (TOB) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
TNA Board (TNA) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
TNA Review [rtr_strip_domain website=]
To Sluts [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Toronto Escort Review Board (TERB) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
UK Punting [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Usa Sex Guide (USASG) [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Utopia Guide [rtr_strip_domain website=]
Wiki Sex Guide [rtr_strip_domain website=]
World Sex Guide (WSG) [rtr_strip_domain website=]

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