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Countries served: Canada, United States
Geographic scope: National

Facebook: MeetMintBoys
Twitter: @mint_boys

Type: Commercial
Status: Active
Sex work positive: Yes
Female led: No
Sex worker led: Retired

About MintBoys

MintBoys is the fastest growing male escort website. MintBoys features gay escorts that are paid for their time only, not for sex. MintBoys does not permit prostitution, and as such, they don’t allow ads with X rated photos or sexual content to be posted.

People involved with MintBoys

Scott Kilborn, Founder

Sex work focus for MintBoys

Escort Massage

Sex worker demographics focus for MintBoys


Gay Escorts, Bi & Straight Male Escorts, FTM Escorts

Services offered by MintBoys

Advertising: Free

Website where legal male escorts can advertise.

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One comment

  1. Hello my Alex and just want to tell people please to be extra carefully whit this wedsite even if they say that they are safe and you can thrust therers boys .Please don’t I do believe they don”t scream them enough,to make sure for you own safaty. It just happent to me last week I feel so embarrassed and atchaint, but I doing this to avoid some one else go to the same bad experiance that I have, I whent thru Mintboy wedside i saw this guy offering a nice time . I di contact him , he tolk me that he charge 300 dollars , whish I toll him that he wass to higth price, them he reply to me sending me naked pictures of him and his genital, whist I never ask . after that I agreed to meet him . He send me his address to pick hin up , and after that he tolk me to drive to a little motel , whats that we get there hi put porn movies hi got naked and begin telling me that the money that I pay it wass just to see hin , no to have sex at all becouse Mintboys policy.It he new his policy why he never mentioned befero and why he send naked pictures , I ask him for my money even ask to give half of it but he treat me to call his friends over me,I the a report to Minstboy and I do not kmow What else I came do to get my money back and avoid that this happend to another senior person, Thank you for your Susport. rating to his wedside is. o fail…

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