Rate That Rescue is a community resource for sex work, where everyone can add and review organizations that provide services that sex workers use. Like Yelp for sex work.

This project was started as a collaboration by current and former sex workers, who were concerned about the explosion in rescue organizations and programs in recent years – some of which not only fail to help sex workers, but cause real harm.

But after we started, we realized that this site could be used more broadly to share information about all types of organizations that provide services that sex workers use, be they public, private, non-profit, or commercial. This includes organizations that do not focus on sex workers, but have products or services that sex workers commonly use – like Twitter, Wix, or PayPal.

Rate That Rescue is a sex worker-led, public, free, community effort to help everyone share information about both the organizations they can rely on, and those they should avoid.


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