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Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Countries served: United States

Phone: 866-509-7233
Email: [email protected]

Type: Other non-profit
Sex work positive: Yes

About Project SAFE

Project SAFE offers speakers, workshops and presentations in partnership with SWOP-Philly (Sex Workers Outreach Project) at your organization, event or conference. We also are happy to work with organizations, schools and services providers to help serve sex workers through consulting or trainings specific to your work.

Past trainings include and workshops include:

The Criminalization of Sex Work

Is It Ladies Night? Safe Spaces As HIV Prevention Among Marginalized, Criminalized and Oppressed Communities

No Money, More Problems: Navigating the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

An Injury to One is an Injury to All: Queer/Sex/Worker Liberation

Sex Work 101

How to Be an Ally to Sex Workers

Applying Harm Reduction Methods to Women in Street Economies

No Bad Women, Just Bad Laws: Sex Work and Abortion Providers

People involved with Project SAFE

SWOP Philly

Sex work focus for Project SAFE

Sex worker demographics focus for Project SAFE

Services offered by Project SAFE

Safer Sex Supplies
Male condoms (regular and flavored), dental dams (for oral sex on a woman or anal rimming), female condoms (worn by a woman; can be put in up to 6 hours before intercourse), water-based lubricant, etc.
Remember that flavored condoms are only good for oral sex. They are made thinner than regular condoms and will break easier if used during intercourse.

• Bad Date Sheet
Our bad date sheet lists brief descriptions of men who have attacked and/or raped women while they were working. Bad date sheets are only given to women. Report a bad date by calling 866-509-SAFE and leaving a description of the attacker’s physical appearance, the car, where it happened and the time & date of the attack.

• Harm Reduction Supplies
We distribute sterile water, antiseptic wipes and alcohol pads along with other supplies during outreach. We also have information on safer injection practices and overdose prevention available.

• Deliveries
We only deliver supplies to women. Call 866-509-SAFE any time to arrange for a delivery of condoms, bad date sheets, etc. If you leave a message on our machine, provide a number where we can reach you, the best time for us to call you back, and your first name.

• Referrals
Contact our case manager by calling 866-509-SAFE if you need help with welfare, detox/drug treatment, housing, shelter, medical care, public assistance, mental health care, and legal aid.

• Support
We support women who have been attacked or raped by reviewing the options available to them, answering questions, transporting women to the hospital for an exam, or helping to file a police report.

• Information
We offer harm reductive information about heroin, cocaine, speed/meth, Hepatitis C, safer injection, a bad date sheet, female condoms, or the real deal about drugs and pregnancy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Project Safe employees can be abusive and inappropriate. Confidentiality may also be compromised. They pretend to be sex worker friendly, but beware

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