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Address: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Countries served: United States
Geographic scope: National

Twitter: @HuntAlt

Type: Anti-trafficking
Status: Inactive
Replaced by: Demand Abolition
Faith-based: Yes
Adult focused (NSFW): No
Sex work positive: No
Female led: Yes
Sex worker led: No

People involved with Hunt Alternatives

Swanee Hunt

Sex work focus for Hunt Alternatives

Street Escort

Sex worker demographics focus for Hunt Alternatives

Female Trafficked

Services offered by Hunt Alternatives

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One comment

  1. boogiedown ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    UG. Swanee Hunt hates whores. Her end demand campaign is misguided and formed with ill intent to end the commercial sex industry. She cares not that she is creating homeless/jobless mothers.

    Please read “Other Dreams of Freedom” by Dr. Yvonne Zimmerman to understand how the end demand campaign was cleverly created to end the commercial sex industry under the guise of helping.

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