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Website: http://www.swop-seattle.org(info)

Address: Seattle, Washington, United States
Countries served: United States
Geographic scope: Local

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @swopseattle

Type: Sex worker run
Parent organization: SWOPUSA – Sex Workers Outreach Project USA
Status: Active
Faith-based: No
Sex work positive: Yes
Female led: Yes
Sex worker led: Yes

About SWOP Seattle

What is SWOP?
The Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP-USA) is a national social justice network of organizations dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy. SWOP-Seattle is the chapter of SWOP-USA based in Seattle, Washington. SWOP-USA’s full mission statement can be found here.

SWOP-Seattle is a grassroots chapter of SWOP-USA. Our goals include: creating alliances with human-service organizations to provide resources for sex workers, to destigmitize sex workers and the industry while advocating for positive attitudes towards sex workers and their contributions to society, to educate about harm reduction, and to increase awareness of the harm to sex workers and their communities caused by current well-meaning laws and policies.

SWOP-Seattle is composed of people who share the desire to extinguish harmful social stigma held against sex workers, and laws that foster intolerance.

What is SEPIA?
The Society of Erotic Professionals in Action (SEPIA) is a collective of current and retired sex workers engaged in creating community, support and safety for sex workers. Membership is limited to current and retired sex workers. SEPIA members also opperate as the core volunteers and council for SWOP-Seattle.

The majority of SEPIA members are consenting adults who have chosen to be professional sex workers. Whether we come to SEPIA seeking advice, support, a network of like-minded activists, or simply a place to feel accepted, we all share the bond of belonging to a marginalized demographic that faces discrimination, alienation, media misrepresentation, and threats to our chosen livelihood on a daily basis…and we’d like for these pervasive forms of social violence to end.

What Do SWOP-Seattle and SEPIA Do?
SWOP-Seattle organizes public education events which have included discussion panels, demonstrations, media campaigns, and outreach efforts designed to raise awareness about sex worker issues. Our sex worker-centric SEPIA events are offered in the form of regular socials and skill shares, activist events, and much more! These events are rare places where we can connect with each other and support one another. We also have a monthly council meeting and an annual retreat for planning our events and organizing SWOP-Seattle activities. To keep abreast of our events, please visit our events page, or sign up to receive our newsletter.

People involved with SWOP Seattle

SWOP-Seattle is run by a core Council of current and retired sex workers, but anyone from the public or allied services/networks may attend our public meetings, volunteer time, or attend our public events.

SEPIA is for current and retired sex workers only, and many of the Council members for SWOP-Seattle are actively involved in SEPIA events.

Sex work focus for SWOP Seattle

Sex worker demographics focus for SWOP Seattle

Services offered by SWOP Seattle

peer support and community building, public education, peaceful demonstrations and protests against anti-sex worker initiatives, media outreach, seeking to develop a street outreach program.

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