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Website: http://www.swopsacramento.org/(info)

Address: Sacremento, California, United States
Countries served: United States

Email: [email protected]

Type: Sex worker run
Parent organization: SWOPUSA – Sex Workers Outreach Project USA
Faith-based: No
Sex work positive: Yes
Sex worker led: Yes

About SWOP Sacremento

SWOP Sacramento’s focus is harm reduction, with an emphasis on the reduction of HIV and other communicable diseases, rape reduction,and reduction of violence against Sex Workers, education and useable services.

Chaperone and Advocacy – SWOP Sacramento acts as a liaison between government entities, processes and Sex Workers.

We will attend court dates, medical appointments and service interviews along with sex workers. We will advocate for workers who need services in transition or while still in the industry.

Street Outreach – We specialize in street predator notifications, services, and collection of data addressing the needs of sex workers using a harm reduction model.

Parlor Outreach – Predator notifications, services, and collection of data as modeled in the Street Outreach program.

Home Visits – Sacramento Swop reaches out to those who would like help but want to meet in their own comfort zone. We find that meeting those in need in an environment that is comforting to them allows for freedom of discourse and needs of those workers to be met more efficiently.

Hospital and Institution Visits – Our design and implementation of outreach programs to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, jails, and other institutions allows for cost saving measures in the long run. The idea of sex workers helping sex workers is familiar and non-threatening to those in need. Our organization is made of those who have been trafficked, those who have successfully transitioned, and those who have worked independently for decades in the sex trade. We find that because we best understand the needs and lives sex workers, we can best address their needs.

Statistical Analysis – Sacramento Swop Develops and implements statistical analysis programs focusing on the sex trade. Our alliances allow us to gather non-influenced data and generate reports which will allow for better use of evaluation, funding, and program development.

People involved with SWOP Sacremento

Kristen DiAngelo
Co-Founder and Executive Director of SWOP Sacramento
Kristen DiAngelo is a community organizer, political activist, expert witness and founder of The AC Project. Residing in Northern California, Kristen has worked in the sex trade since the mid 70’s and as a result of the sex industry has flourished. Currently, Kristen works as a political activist, educator, and Executive Director of SWOP Sacramento. Ms. DiAngelo is the Executive Producer, Producer, and Co-writer for the award-winning documentary American Courtesans. American Courtesans, has screened in 7 countries and is currently carried in numerous libraries across the US and Canada. Winner of three “Best Documentary” Awards, one “Audience Choice” Award, one “Award of Excellence” and Recipient of a Human Rights and Civil Rights Award out of Jakarta, Indonesia, Kristen has spoken around the world about the plights of sex workers under prohibition in the United States. Kristen’s sex trade experience spans the streets, the massage parlors, the brothels of Nevada, owning a service and working the internet. Pimped repeatedly- but now independent for more years than not- she’s drawn strength from adversity, transforming from a victim of poverty and exploitation to a warrior for the rights of those who are marginalized and those who chose to work in the sex trade.

Stacey Swimme
Co-Founder – Swop Sacramento
Stacey is Co-founder of Sacramento Sex Workers Outreach Project (SacSWOP) draws her expertise on the sex industry from sixteen years of sex work and twelve years of political advocacy for sex workers. She’s co-founded two major advocacy organizations in the US and has worked in development and communications at the nation’s first health clinic for sex workers. Stacey is a formidable spokesperson for the industry and has been featured in several prime time television and radio interviews as well as in print and Internet outlets. With fearless honesty, Stacey discusses her experiences working in all aspects of the adult industries to help illuminate the hidden truths so often masked by fear and stigma.

Her innovative approach to community organizing has helped expand a nationwide network of thousands of sex workers and advocates who believe in a rights-based approach to policy making. Stacey utilizes horizontal organizing principles that have empowered sex workers to be the leaders in the movement toward civil, labor and human rights.

Pearl Callahan
Outreach Director – SWOP Sacramento
Pearl Callahan, a retired sex worker and massage therapist, came from the Oak Park area of Sacramento, CA. Her story began on the streets where at a young age, she as a young black mother chose to enter the sex trade. From her life on the streets and the hustle of pimps and undesirables; to the houses in Nevada; she understands first hand of the harm that a person can befall when not treated equally under the law. Today Pearl is an empowered advocate for those who are abused and speaks out about what others do to help them. She has deep ties to the street workers of Sacramento due to her Oak Park legacy. Pearl Callahan was one of the interviewees in the film “American Courtesans”, an award winning documentary about the sex trade in the US.

James Johnson
Director of Media Production
James’ media resume includes writing, producing, directing, and editing both commercial and entertainment content for web, television, VoD, DVD, and theater platforms. His most notable work to date is the film “American Courtesans”, which he co-wrote, co-produced, and directed. His education includes a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Management.

James has been involved in civil and human rights activism since he was in his teens. His volunteer work and advocacy have involved him in the LGBT, Homeless, and Sex Worker Communities. His varied work and travel experience, coupled with his advocacy and media experience, make him an ideal fit for SWOP.

Sex work focus for SWOP Sacremento

Sex worker demographics focus for SWOP Sacremento

Services offered by SWOP Sacremento

Sacramento Swop supports the integration of sex workers into the mainstream through conventional and non-conventional techniques. We build bridges between Sex workers and the world to allow the human rights of those workers to be upheld.

Sexual and General Health – Condoms, lube, and help setting up health screening appointments for workers, giving them ideas for communication techniques with health care providers – Drug treatment information and placement services.

Personal Safety while working in the Sex Trade – SacSwop provides panels and classes on spotting predators, high risk clients, condom breakage, street safety, parlor safety, and Internet safety. We have dealt with some of the most difficult problems in the sex trade and can attack problems knowing the intricacies of how the industry works. This equivocates for a decrease in collateral damage.

Sex Worker Interface and Capacity Building Programs – Sacramento Swop specializes in professional interface programs educating law enforcement, medical professions, probation officers, clergy and educators.

Exiting from Sex Work – Here at Sacramento Swop we know how to exit and still live, as some of us have done it. We address the change in lifestyle, self esteem, resume building, re-education while using those skills you have acquired and knowing what services are available, and how to access them. We can give you support in staying safe after exiting and how to deal with past clients. With self esteem and real world transitional support, the control is put back in the hands of the sex worker. They themselves can decide when to stay and when to leave.

Benefits, welfare and debt advice – The gap between demand and supply of services in the sex trade is expansive. Everything from safety training to how to pay your taxes. Sacramento Swop can direct sex workers to professionals that are safe and are willing to guide them through the system.

Lifestyle changes – We provide peer groups to support you during lifestyle changes and assimilation into the real world. Many of us have had success navigating dialogue with family members and others in order to re-enter mainstream society.

Prevention and Harm Reduction – Sacramento Swop is harm reduction based. We advocate for prevention of harm in all areas… ie, drug addiction, STDs, attacks from predators etc.

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Sex Workers Outreach Project- Sacramento is a California State social justice network dedicated to upholding both civil and human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy.

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