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Shared Hope International

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Website: http://sharedhope.org(info)

Address: Vancouver, Washington, United States
Countries served: United States
Geographic scope: Global

Phone: (360) 693-8100
Email: sheila@sharedhope.org
Facebook: sharedhopeinternational?fref=ts
Twitter: @SharedHope

Type: Religious
Faith-based: Yes
Female led: Yes

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About Shared Hope International

Established 1998

EIN – 91-1938635







Restorative Development


Stories of Hope

Bring Justice

Policy Development

Legislative Action Center

Bill Tracking

Public facts about Shared Hope International


2013 – $3,422,837.00 (Salaries Paid $903,509.00)

People involved with Shared Hope International

Linda Smith

Nancy Winston

Samantha Vardaman

Sheila Avery

Taryn Offenbacher

Christine Raino

Eliza Reock

Elizabeth Scaife

Lisa Scott Gilliam

Board of Directors

Mrs. Linda Smith Shared Hope International

Mr. David Austen Shared Hope International

Mr. Curtis Lind Shared Hope International

Mr. Vernon Smith Shared Hope International

Mrs. Marjorie Austen Shared Hope International

Dr. Fernando Proano Shared Hope International

Mr. Les Pettit Shared Hope International

Ms. Sue Hotelling Shared Hope International

Ms. Sandra Goh Shared Hope International

Mr. Nick Lembo Shared Hope International

Sex work focus for Shared Hope International

Sex worker demographics focus for Shared Hope International

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No direct Services

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