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Address: Orlando, Florida,
Geographic scope: Regional
Geographic scope (detail):


Phone: 407-602-8756
Email: [email protected]

Type: Anti-trafficking
Status: Active
Faith-based: Yes
Adult focused (NSFW): No
Sex work positive: No
Female led: Yes
Sex worker led: No

About Latishas House

To provide a long-term safe house for adult female victims of sex trafficking and offer individualized support to empower them to build a bridge from their traumatic past to a positive future.

To be a nationally recognized organization that saves lives through the establishment of safe houses for victims of sex trafficking.

Public facts about Latishas House

Dedicated to helping women trapped in negative circumstances or exploited by the sex industry find their way home, Latisha’s House provides a long-term, trauma informed safe house for victims of sex trafficking. Once safe, the ladies acquire the tools to live healthy and productive lives. They are no longer victims but over-comers.

The sex industry has many components and is tied to slavery all around the world. Regardless of whether entrapment is the lure of a fast buck in a strip club, the money from prostitution by force or by choice, or tied to gangs or organized crime, the sex industry objectifies women and destroys their lives. Drug addiction, STDs, psychological abuse, and criminal convictions are compounding factors that make it hard, if not impossible to escape.

There is hope! With a safe place to stay, medical help, trauma informed counseling, education, job training, life skills, and spiritual development, women can begin anew.

​Latisha’s House Foundation is a holistic centered organization that seeks to build safe houses for women all over the United States.

People involved with Latishas House

Elizabeth Ameling – Founder &
​Executive Director

Board of Directors
Elizabeth Ameling, Founder & Executive Director
Steve Hibbitts, Chair & Treasurer
​Rev. Charles Mullaly, Vice Chair
Jeffrey Ameling, Co-Secretary
Gail Gilden, Co-Secretary
Mary Ann Lemere, Director & Auction Gala Chair
Marcia Hibbitts, Director of Volunteers
Leith Mullaly, Director
Caren Schumacher, Director
​Lillian Woolfolk, Director
Jeanne Forrest, Director
Our Team
There are many people involved in the building and running of Latisha’s House. We continue to be overwhelmed with the generosity of our community to reach these ladies. We thank everyone who believes in this cause, sacrifice of their time, finances, and much more to be a part of Latisha’s House.

Our volunteer team members run the Latisha’s House program in the following areas:

Fitness Therapy
Financial Literacy
Life Coaching
Life Skills (i.e. Cooking, Nutrition, Computer Literacy, Problem Solving, Decision Making)
Career Development
Flower Therapy
Spiritual Development
Art Therapy
Book Club
Transportation to and from Appointments, Interviews, Academic Classes, Emergency Needs,
Custody Arrangements with Children, Legal/Court Hearings, Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

Project Staff

Angela Phillips, LMHC, Florida In-House Counselor, Substance Abuse/Addiction Specialist.

Laura Kostel, LCSW, Virginia In-House Counselor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Social Work Intern Supervisor.

Lauren Mahan, LPC, Ph.D. candiate, Virginia In-House Counselor, Cognitive Behavioral/Art Therapy

Lauren Newell, Project Manager, Event Planner & House Liaison

Sex work focus for Latishas House

Sex worker demographics focus for Latishas House

Female Trafficked

Services offered by Latishas House


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