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Edit organization
Name of organization - not you. Required and unique. Don't include .com, .org, etc. Add any acronym in parentheses, e.g. "(XYZ)".
Required and unique. If no website, use a Twitter, Facebook, or other descriptive page instead.

Maximum file size: 516MB

Detail on which cities, counties, states, regions, or countries the organization focuses on.
Of the organization - not you
Of the organization - not you
If this is part of broader umbrella organization
If inactive or defunct, the organization that replaced this one
Examples: mission, goals, values, history
Examples: funding amounts and sources; required licensing and disclosures; investigations or legal actions
Those with most control over the organization are active or retired sex worker(s).
Those with most control over the organization (Executive Director, CEO, etc.) are female.
Examples: leadership, staff, volunteers, funders. Names and positions.
Demographics of sex workers this organization focuses on. Not demographics of clients, except for "Disabled".
Examples: gender, age, sexuality, race, legal status, life experience
Examples: specific services offered and not offered, conditions, limits