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Be The Jam

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Address: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Countries served: United States
Geographic scope: National

Phone: 855-558-6484

Type: Anti-trafficking
Status: Active
Faith-based: Yes
Adult focused (NSFW): No
Sex work positive: No
Female led: No
Sex worker led: No

About Be The Jam


Because prevention is even better than rescue.


Some boyfriends are not friends, at all. A typical human trafficker ploy is to win a girl’s complete trust. The trafficker, or a guy used as a recruiter, then turns the girl over to traffickers. Sometimes, traffickers use another girl to win that trust. The result is the same… a trusting girl is ensnared into a life filled with brutality.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, texting and chat. Social networking is cool. Sometimes it leads to an off-line meeting and an uncool end-another social networker trapped by slave traders.

Drugging at social events

You meet interesting people at parties. But drugs secretly dropped into a drink or smeared on a glass can lead to an unexpected after-party, or more like an endless nightmare. Drugging at social events is a common tactic of human traffickers.

Too Good To Be True

The chance of a lifetime. A job too good to be true. The travel opportunity that can’t be refused. Except that it leads to a place you cannot return home from. A place that is so very bad, and yet too true.

Targeting Vulnerabilities

No one ever told her that she is beautiful and seemed to mean it. And he wanted that concert ticket so much, he was willing to believe anything. We all have emotional needs. We all have dreams. Human traffickers know us all too well, and they are there to offer whatever it is you want or need. But they don’t deliver.

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End Slavery Tennessee

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Street Escort

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Female Trafficked

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